Get Ready for a Vibrant Winter

Photo Credit:  Rodrigo Muñoz

Photo Credit: Rodrigo Muñoz

We are all transitioning from fall to the cold and dry long months of winter. The science of Ayurveda gives special attention to the seasonal changes. We are the extension of nature so as the environment goes through the seasonal changes our body and mind reflects the same too. Here are some simple winter tips to keep you warm, balanced and more vibrant:

  1. Eat food that is warm and fresh. Please know that our digestive fire does not get the same support as it would during the warmer months so all cold, dry and stale foods should be avoided. Drink soups and warm teas added with ginger, garlic, cardamom, clove, cinnamon and pepper.

  2. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables. Do not eat cold fruits and yogurts in the morning. These can be eaten mid-afternoon.

  3. During winter we tend to drink less water. Be mindful about hydrating yourself well.

  4.  The lack of color in nature should motivate us to create more color around us. Use bright colors to create a vibrational energy and warmth.

  5. Winter months makes us lethargic and sluggish. We are not motivated enough to go out and walk, do yoga or exercise. Inactivity adversely affects the way our bodies’ process sugar and cholesterol giving rise to many imbalances which gets hard to get back to balance again as the winters are so long. Please create a 30 minutes schedule where you can do 5 minutes of sound vibration, 5 minutes of pranayama and 20 minutes of a head to toe stretching. Make this your daily habit and you will find your metabolism and digestion expressing balance and wellness!

  6. Keep your skin well hydrated and nothing better than pure aloe vera gel mixed with sesame oil. You can keep this blend ready and store in a glass jar. Apply before and after shower during winters.

  7. The best way to keep yourself warm when you are stepping out is to keep your earswell covered and protected from the cold winds.

  8. Please do not forget that Ayurvedic massages keep you de-stressed and in balance. Please schedule your warm oil massages regularly with Amita!