Saturday May 18, 2019

At Atmananda Yoga NYC


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Modern life causes severe imbalances due to various factors arising from stress and over-exposure to the demands of life. Ayurveda the ancient science of complete wellness gives us the unique path of understanding your constitution and then making choices for achieving health, happiness, peace and natural integration with nature to cure you of all imbalances.

1.   Introduction to the art and science of Ayurveda

2.   History of Ayurveda

3.   Understanding cells and the Five Great Elements (Panchmahabhutas)

4.   Philosophy of Ayurveda

5.   Understanding the uniqueness of your constitutional makeup (Prakruti) – Vata / Pitta / Kapha

6.   Understanding the uniqueness of the constitution of your mind – Satva / Rajas / Tamas

7.   Digestion and Digestive Fire (Agni)

8.   Understanding the Four Pillars of Nutrition:

       a.   Aahara (Food)

       b.   Asana (Exercise)

       c.   Prana (Vital life force)

       d.   Nidra (Sleep and meditation)

9.   Healing your body and mind with the five sensory organs:

       a.   Color therapy

       b.   Sound therapy

       c.   Touch therapy

       d.   Aromatherapy

       e.   Taste – (Rasa - The six tastes for healing the body & mind)

10.   Recipes for seasonal detoxification/cleanse

11.   Ayurvedic techniques for eye care, mouth hygiene, teeth and gums health

12.   Weight management- how to maintain a balanced weight with simple modifications of diet and lifestyle

13.   Maintaining a balanced sexual energy

14.   Healthy eating habits for good digestion

15.   Spirituality for achieving higher self and optimum positive energy


Who all can benefit from this Course?
Everyone can benefit deeply from attending this well rounded wellness workshop. This One Day intense course is also open and supportive to all alternative health and wellness practitioners, acupuncturist, estheticians, massage therapists, body workers, reiki and energy healers, certified Yoga, Pilates, Fitness and movement instructors and most importantly individuals who are oriented to lead a healthy and balanced life.


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