About Amita

Amita Banerjee is an Ayurveda Wellness and Life-style Consultant. She is currently the Resident Ayurveda Expert at Atmananda Yoga, New York, NY. As a practitioner of the oldest science of wellness and health, she exceeds in contributing harmony in people by naturally creating health. Her mission in her two decades as an ayurvedic healer is to nurture people and create the simplest way for wellness and balance through her teaching. The science of ayurveda has covered all aspects of human life and wellness for six thousand years. Even with the astounding advances of modern medicine, Ayurveda, with its unique holistic perspectives, has kept itself present and relevant in all aspects of human life.

Amita specializes in offering nutritional consults and weight and pain management programs along with detoxification, Chakra balancing, healing Shirodhara, Abhyanga (Ayurvedic body work), Marma therapy, sound and color therapy, scalp and hair care. Her mission is to nurture people and create the simplest way for wellness and balance in through nature.

As a dedicated teacher, she creates personalized class formats for presenting the various aspects of Ayurveda, making the science accessible and easy to practice for all those wishing to create health, balance and beauty. Her clients experience a lifting of the stress and gloom that characterizes modern living and report renewed hope, energy, and joy in meeting their life goals.

In 2000, Amita completed her studies in Ayurvedic Esthetics and Nutrition, specializing in Ayurvedic Body and Mind Therapies. She has been teaching Ayurveda Nutrition, Ayurveda body and wellness therapies, and Yoga, meditation and sound therapies customized according to Prakruti. This practice involves analyzing an individual’s unique constitution and then choosing specialized therapies accordingly. Thus she began a career in life-style counseling, providing her clients with effective ways to optimize their health and achieve their higher purposes. Amita is also certified as a Holistic Health and Nutritional Counselor by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), USA. She was teaching classes for ten years at the Vedic Glow Ayurvedas World, New York, Open Center, New York, Sacred Stone Ayurveda and Massage Institute, Rhode Island. She has taught Ayurvedic workshops at some of the most prestigious holistic institutes in the country, including Integral Yoga, Atmananda Yoga, Omega Institute, Reflections Yoga. Her work in the holistic world has been covered by the media in leading newspapers and magazines both in India and the USA, including New York NaturallyNew York SpiritYoga Journal, Time Out, Vogue, Mid-dayThe Afternoon.

Amita designs and conducts Ayurveda SPA training for both upcoming and existing spa owners to enhance their businesses by value addition of Ayurveda Spa services and holistic business approaches. Because of the wealth of her knowledge plus the personal touch in her training, many of her students have established successful businesses.

Her career journey started in the corporate world of American Express where she soon realized that the call of her inner core was towards learning the Ayurvedic healing arts and teaching others to make aware and mindful choices for better health and happiness. Amita’s life mantra is: “All in Divine Order,” and she adds that “nature provides us with everything we need for health and balance, and Ayurveda is the only health science that teaches you how to make choices with awareness according to your own unique constitution. The world will be a better place to live in when we will truly connect with nature and start to practice Ayurveda and Yoga.”