“I feel so blessed to have met Amita. I originally was thinking of getting an ayurvedic massage, but after reading the website I realized what I needed was a consultation. That was the best time I've spent with a holistic practitioner.
After a very basic understanding, I easily was able to minimally alter my diet, leaving me with more energy and overall wellbeing. Amita, though a gifted practitioner is really a teacher. Under her guidance and teaching, we worked on different things with all natural and organic ingredients- from skin, to muscle issues, to getting off of almost all prescription medicines.
That alone was priceless but she worked with me on both physical and spiritual practices as well. These complemented my own practices and allowed me a broader feeling of wellbeing and being in control. Amita is fabulous at following up and always is inquiring as to how everything is. Anyone looking for a wonderful perspective on good health both physically and emotionally has found a very humble teacher with a lot of compassion. I feel blessed to be taught by her and yes in fact she told me , you do need a massage!
With gratitude and love,

- Albert

Private client, 2019

“I’ve known Amita 6 years and she’s changed my life. She’s just about one of the best things you can do for yourself. She’s right every time. If I go off of her detailed recommendations, it affects my wellbeing and I’m now conscious of that. I recommend Amita to people all the time and advise those who see her to pay attention to the details of what she tells you. She’s a wonderfully calming person and wise healer. I appreciate everything she has done for me.”

- Ron Ryan

Private client, 2019

I've known many healers of all kinds in my life, and none--truly, none--before Amita gave me the holistic, thoroughly comprehensive care that I actually needed. From head to toe, mentally and physically, Amita has given me a new outlook and the optimism to know that my body and mind is always evolving. She's taught me that this evolution should be embraced, and she's walked the path with me to alleviate any of my fears. The success of her unique yet ancient, proven approach to treating a person's physiological and emotional issues cannot be overstated. I'm not sure where I'd be without Amita's guidance, but I know it would not be on my current path to wellness and happiness.

-Nancy Salerno

Private Client, 2018

"Amita is a radiant light of pure wisdom. She connects with all on such a deep level of compassion, love, and genuine care. Her knowledge of ayurveda is amazing. I learned so much about myself and how to perceive the world around me. Amita is absolutely lovely." 

- Neha Sharma

Student at Atmananda, 2018


"Amita is Grandmother Willow. She looked into my eyes and immediately began to help me figure out how to become a healthier individual-- body & mind & spirit. It was one of the most important things I’ve ever done for myself. The money was not even enough for how much she changed my life. She will give you a blueprint moving forward that will drastically change the habits you have formed that are unconsciously harming your well-being. One hour with Amita will help you figure out so much.  The organic supplements she suggested (that I could buy from any store, she isn’t repping any brand) and food she prescribed, tailored to my symptoms, really helped my throat problems. She has something really spiritual transcending within her. She helped me to re-think the way I thought about traumas in my life and helped heal me." 

- Jacqueline Wells

Private client, 2018


"Amita is such a lovely person! She made me feel so welcomed in my first session. I understand what is needed for my Pitta/Kapha energy and have made so many positive changes in my life."

- Evan Frazier

Student at Atmananda, 2018


"Each meeting with Amita leaves me feeling filled with love. She's like a mother, a friend, and a  teacher all perfectly mixed into one beautiful being. Knowledgeable, kind and she loves her work. I've learned so much from her about  the physical  and spiritual body. There is something truly magic about Amita. I am so fortunate to have found her at Atmananda." 

- Charnette Batey

Student at Atmananda, 2018


"I met Amita at Atmananda in class during my 500 hour yoga training. It was amazing to be in class with her. The way she teaches ayurveda has helped me make big changes in my life. I love her happy, loving spirit which she always transmits to all of those around her."

-Yazmin Diaz

Student at Atmananda, 2018


"Amita's wisdom and compassionate nature have changed my perspective and way of living. She is a grounding force like Mother Earth who's care, thoughtfulness, and kindness inspire me everyday. I feel truly blessed to have studied under Amita for she is full of both textbook and inner wisdom. She understands how to best care for and nurture all kinds of bodies- both the physical and energetic body- through proper nutrition and mindfulness and she has a wonderful way of sharing her knowledge in a simple, structured, light-hearted manner. She is one of the greatest women I have ever known and what an honor it is to learn from her."

– Kelsey Madsen

Student at Atmananda, 2018


"I had the privilege of getting to meet Amita during my 300 hour teacher training at Atmananda in 2018. Her Ayurvedic lessons were profound and practical providing us with a good base of Ayurvedic knowledge. I learned many new beautiful pearls of wisdom from her as she is truly an expert in her Ayurvedic craft. With a topic like Ayurveda that is deep and interwoven, you know someone is a true master when they can always answer your questions and connect the dots on the details behind the wisdom. Her calm and lighthearted nature both in and out of the classroom brings peace to all those around her. Anyone who meets Amita will instantly understand her sunshine and warmth and want to learn from her beautiful wisdom."

 Lindsey Silva

Student at Atmananda, 2018


“I went for a massage and Ayurveda consultation at Atmananda to see the Ayurvedic Practitioner Amita and found her to have a really positive energy, confidence, and knowledge in what she does, which can be hard to find. I cannot wait to continue my work at Atmananda. I have already recommended Amita to two of my friends!”

– Sonali

Private client, 2015


“Amita is a healer, a teacher and a friend. The profound connection I have experienced with her is unparalleled. She helps me find my center, as well as remember what is most important. Just the sound of her voice has a soothing effect on an unrest mind. I’m grateful for all that she teaches me and I feel blessed that she has entered my life.”

– L. Raia, 2015

“Amita has taught me more about health than working in modern health care for 15 years, more about spirituality than 16 years of Catholic school. I feel great, I look great and I am great. I thank her for all her efforts spent on me. If you allow yourself to, you will gain a deep connection with Amita, a healer of many things.”

– A. Burke, 2015


"Being taught Ayurveda, “The Science of Life” with Amita has been an absolute joy and beautiful experience. She brings a level of love, compassion, and excitement to the teachings that makes each class extremely intriguing and inspiring. Each morning, as students enter the classroom, Amita is sure to greet everyone with a caring smile and warm embrace. Her teaching method combines stories of her upbringing and her initial intrigue into Ayurveda as well as practical application of material into today’s society. As a practitioner, she took the time to fully understand my story, lifestyle, habits, etc. and created a specific plan for my care. Following the consultation, she routinely would contact me just to see how my health was and if there was anything she could do. I truly appreciate her dedication to her students, clients, and the integrity of Ayurveda. I am grateful to have her as an a guide in my continued journey with Ayurveda."

– Elyse Wilkie
February 5, 2014
Ayurvedic Health Counselor Student
at The Seaside Academy of Massage & Ayurveda