Fundamentals of Ayurveda 1-Day Intensive Workshop


Immerse yourself in this 1-day intensive workshop where you will learn how to take control of your health and well-being through the transformative powers of Ayurveda!

Achieve your goals for improved health and increased energy levels by empowering your mindful self!

Using over 20 years of experience, Ayurvedic expert Amita will walk you through the fundamental principles of this ancient science and explore ways you can immediately improve your life!

In this one day intensive workshop, you will learn how to apply the principles of Ayerveda for creating a balanced and healthy lifestyle.  You will learn your specific dosha and the custom tips that best suit you personally from topics including diet and nutrition, yoga asanas, sounds, colors and more!  Amita will help show you how to create your own blissful spa right in the calm and comfort of your own home with your new Ayurveda lifestyle regimen. Peace and health will always be with you if you are in tune with your unique constitution and weave a balanced life and diet around it.  Learn the simple tricks for creating and experiencing this magic in life.


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