“I went for a massage and ayurveda consultation at Atmanada to see the Ayurvedic Practioner Amita and found her to have a really positive energy, confidence, and knowledge in what she does, which can be hard to find. I cannot wait to continue my work at Atmananda. I have already recommended Amita to two of my friends!”

– Sonali


“Amita is a healer, a teacher and a friend. The profound connection I have experienced with her is unparalleled. She helps me find my center, as well as remember what is most important. Just the sound of her voice has a soothing effect on an unrest mind. I’m grateful for all that she teaches me and I feel blessed that she has entered my life.”

– L. Raia


“Amita has taught me more about health than working in modern health care for 15 years, more about spirituality than 16 years of Catholic school. I feel great, I look great and I am great. I thank her for all her efforts spent on me. If you allow yourself to, you will gain a deep connection with Amita, a healer of many things.”

– A. Burke


"Being taught Ayurveda, “The Science of Life” with Amita has been an absolute joy and beautiful experience. She brings a level of love, compassion, and excitement to the teachings that makes each class extremely intriguing and inspiring. Each morning, as students enter the classroom, Amita is sure to greet everyone with a caring smile and warm embrace. Her teaching method combines stories of her upbringing and her initial intrigue into Ayurveda as well as practical application of material into today’s society. As a practitioner, she took the time to fully understand my story, lifestyle, habits, etc. and created a specific plan for my care. Following the consultation, she routinely would contact me just to see how my health was and if there was anything she could do. I truly appreciate her dedication to her students, clients, and the integrity of Ayurveda. I am grateful to have her as an a guide in my continued journey with Ayurveda."

– Elyse Wilkie
February 5, 2014
Ayurvedic Health Counselor Student
at The Seaside Academy of Massage & Ayurveda